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Search & Seizure – Auto Search – Crack Cookie Block  (access required)

Police did not violate defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights when they seized defendant, as well as a cocaine cookie block found beneath the seat of defendant’s automobile, after a valid stop based on observation of defendant’s illegally parked vehicle, which matched ...

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Domestic Relations – Appeals – Rule 5A:20 – Child Support (access required)

The Court of Appeals summarily affirms a trial court decision on child support because appellant mother has failed to file a replacement opening brief to comply with Rule 5A:20(C); the pleading does not contain any principles of law, argument or ...

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Search & Seizure – Investigatory Detention – Flight (access required)

Police did not have a reasonable articulable suspicion to detain defendant just because he “took off running” when police entered this high-crime, high-drug area, and the Court of Appeals reverses defendant’s heroin conviction because of the Fourth Amendment violation. The ...

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Criminal – Suspended Sentence Revocation – Probation Violation (access required)

Because the evidence clearly indicated that defendant was convicted of petit larceny, third offense, during his probation period, the Court of Appeals upholds a trial court’s revocation of defendant’s suspended sentences on his prior convictions and resuspension of all but ...

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