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Every dog-bite case has its day (access required)

Most lawyers will have a dog-bite case at least once in their legal careers. Even if you do no personal injury work, you may have another kind of client, or a friend, neighbor or employee, who has had an unfortunate ...

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Dysfunction Junction (access required)

Don’t dis a dysfunctional marriage, the Virginia Court of Appeals says. Even dysfunctional marriages deserve respect. Even when they’re not actually marriages. After all, one couple’s de facto “dysfunctional marriage” may be another person’s happy cohabitation. It was a familiar ...

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Just for Kicks (access required)

Kickball. If you loved it as a child, you don’t have to stop. You can keep on whaling away at that ball and dashing around the bases, even though you may have grown up. In fact, kickball is just one ...

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Fee request needs ?actual time' record (access required)

What happens when a high-volume bankruptcy practice that uses assembly-line methods to streamline the process for debtors has to run that process through the statutory mechanism for collecting attorney’s fees? The firm wins praise for its service to its clients ...

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Assault at nursing home not med-mal (access required)

A nursing-home patient who alleges sexual assault by an unknown assailant can sue for damages not limited by Virginia’s medical malpractice cap. Reversing an Alexandria trial judge, the Supreme Court of Virginia said last week that an estate’s suit for ...

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Norfolk judge showed bias (access required)

A Norfolk trial judge should have recused himself from a drug case after his irritation over “judge-shopping” prompted the judge to remove the defendant’s lawyer from the local court-appointed counsel list. In Wilson v. Commonwealth (VLW 006-6-065), the Supreme Court ...

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