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Criminal – Government Contract Fraud – Aviation Fuel Contracts – Restitution (access required)

In the government’s appeal of defendant’s probationary sentence in connection with his guilty plea to fraud charges from his participation in a procurement scheme involving aviation fuel contracts, the 4th Circuit vacates defendant’s sentence and remands for resentencing, and orders ...

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Search & Seizure – Auto – Inventory Search – Closed Containers (access required)

A police search of defendant’s impounded vehicle after his arrest on an outstanding warrant did not violate defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights and the 4th Circuit upholds defendant’s firearm conviction and convictions for conspiracy to distribute marijuana and possession with intent ...

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No custody change from mom’s move (access required)

A mom who moved from Virginia to Colorado with her 4-year-old son, without telling the boys dad, did not forfeit custody of the child. Although the child’s guardian ad litem’s report supported a psychologist’s evaluation that the mother’s move had ...

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