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DUI defendant protects hospital records

A Norfolk Circuit Court has denied a prosecutor’s request for a DUI defendant’s hospital records from the night he was arrested at the hospital where he was taken after a traffic accident. In a case of apparent first impression, Norfolk ...

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Web site demands client payment

Ever want to buy a billboard to dun a deadbeat client? A French law firm tried a similar approach to collecting a legal fee. It registered the purported client’s personal name as a domain name and dunned him for the ...

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Civil Procedure – Limitations – Nonsuit (access required)

Where a plaintiff’s p.i. suit was nonsuited after plaintiff’s death from unrelated causes and the action was no longer pending after plaintiff’s death, his personal representative could commence or recommence the p.i. action plaintiff was entitled to bring, and a ...

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Summary Dispositions (access required)

The Court of Appeals has affirmed the following decisions on the reasoning of the administrative agencies: Macdonald v. Drivetime Automotive Group Inc., Record No. 1148-09-2, Sept. 15, 2009, upholding a denial of workers’ comp because claimant failed to give timely ...

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