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Virginia Spouse Can Get Divorce In Rem (access required)

A Norfolk Circuit Court denies a non-Virginia resident wife’s motion to dis­miss husband’s divorce complaint for lack of personal jurisdiction and improper ven­ue; Virginia law does not require the court to have personal jurisdiction over wife to grant husband an ...

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No Virginia Trial for Michiganders’ Money Laundering (access required)

A Michigan couple accused of money laundering based on their alleged sale of marijuana to a third party in Michigan or Ohio, who then allegedly sold the marijua­na in Buchanan County, Virginia, and wrote checks from various Grundy National Bank ...

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Patient Claims Podiatrist Acted as Psychiatrist (access required)

A woman who alleges she received treat­ment for physical and mental illness, in­cluding bipolar disorder, from the Hamp­ton-Newport News Community Services Board healthcare provider who represented that he was a psychiatrist, but who was a po­diatrist subject to disciplinary action ...

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Lawyers’ Malpractice Coverage Falls Short (access required)

Lawyers facing a $6,975,000 malpractice award for bungling a patent application for a client’s advertising-based internet game have only $5 million in malpractice cover­age, not the $10 million available for claims arising after Oct. 25, 2006, even though an attorney-client ...

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