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Lawyers’ Malpractice Coverage Falls Short (access required)

Lawyers facing a $6,975,000 malpractice award for bungling a patent application for a client’s advertising-based internet game have only $5 million in malpractice cover­age, not the $10 million available for claims arising after Oct. 25, 2006, even though an attorney-client ...

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Court Upholds NIT Use in ‘Playpen’ Case (access required)

A defendant under investigation for re­ceipt of child pornography through the Play­pen website, available on the “Tor” network, cannot suppress evidence obtained through the government’s use of a Network Inves­tigative Technique to access his computer, nor is he entitled to ...

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Discovery Ordered for ERISA Benefits Denial (access required)

In a widow’s suit challenging MetLife’s denial of ERISA-covered life insurance ben­efits for her husband’s death after a fall, the Charlottesville U.S. District Court Magis­trate Judge orders supplemental discovery regarding MetLife’s interpretation of certain provisions of its plan handbook and ...

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Restaurant Can Sue in Liquor-License Dispute (access required)

A district court erred in applying the Rooker-Feldman doctrine to decline to hear a restaurant’s suit challenging a Maryland state agency’s imposition of conditions on the restaurant’s liquor license; the 4th Circuit says the restaurant is not requesting appel­late review ...

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‘Jezebel’ Comment Supports Title VII Claim (access required)

The Salvation Army wins summary judg­ment on plaintiff caseworker’s Title VII con­structive discharge and retaliation claims, but the Roanoke U.S. District Court says she can try her hostile environment claim based on a male supervisor’s alleged persistent comments about her ...

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