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Med-Mal Carrier’s Subrogation Suit Transferred (access required)

An Abingdon U.S. District Court transfers venue in a hospital med-mal insurance carrier’s subrogation action against the remaining defendants in a wrongful death suit alleging failure to timely diagnose a woman’s lung cancer; the suit is transferred to the Eastern ...

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Fire Origin Disputed in Plant Explosion Case (access required)

In this products liability and negligence action arising out of an explosion at an automotive ball-bearing plant in Blacksburg, the Roanoke U.S. District Court denies defendants’ second set of motions for summary judgment, filed on remand from the 4th Circuit. ...

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Court reverses ‘golden parachute’ for bank CEO (access required)

A former bank executive lost over $800,000 in severance pay and attorney’s fees in a Jan. 14 decision by the Supreme Court of Virginia. That court reversed a Norfolk trial judge’s 2014 award as a “golden parachute” payment that was ...

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No Sanctions for Third-Party Email Demands (access required)

Plaintiff marketing firm suing a Canadian manufacturer of armored personnel carriers for commissions for sales of its products to a foreign government is not entitled to sanctions against defendant for its failure to produce certain emails from the independent contractor ...

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No Interlocutory Appeal for Age Bias Claim (access required)

An Alexandria U.S. District Court denies defendant defense contractor’s motion for leave to appeal the court’s earlier decision that a 53-year-old male African-American computer software engineer with extensive military intelligence experience and 12 years’ experience working as a computer software ...

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‘Federal Officer’ Removal Works for Slander Suit (access required)

Plaintiff former employee of defendant federal contractor cannot remand to state court a suit he filed, after he left defendant to work for another federal contractor when defendant refused to give him a salary increase, alleging the former employer and ...

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