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Ledbetter law could spell trouble for employers (access required)

When the United States Supreme Court in 2007 denied Lilly Ledbetter’s pay discrimination claim against her employer Goodyear Tire as being untimely, it touched off a rallying cry among women and employee rights groups across the nation. These efforts culminated ...

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When an employee’s creditors come knocking … (access required)

A business owner is going through the day’s mail, and, in addition to normal invoices and business correspondence, receives a garnishment from an employee’s creditors seeking to garnish the employee’s wages. The business owner had heard rumblings of the employee’s ...

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Fairness should guide the firing process (access required)

Juries who are called upon to hear wrongful termination cases almost uniformly express confusion about the jury instructions they receive on how to apply the discrimination laws to the facts presented in a case. It is not uncommon to hear ...

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Federal pleading just got a little tougher (access required)

Last month, with relatively limited fanfare, the United States Supreme Court altered the federal pleading standard that has been in effect for the last half century. Those who practice civil litigation regularly in the federal courts are no doubt very ...

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Ex parte contacts with employees: Rules not always clear-cut (access required)

Your company is sued for sexual harassment and the plaintiff’s attorney wants to interview some of your employees. In addition to in-house counsel, the company has engaged outside counsel to litigate the case, of which the plaintiff’s attorney is aware. ...

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