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How to increase odds of client satisfaction post-arbitration (access required)


Full-scale courthouse litigation is pricing itself out of the market of corporate affordability. Except for truly “bet the company” matters, the costs of extensive discovery, dispositive motions, expert reports and challenges, not to mention a full hearing, are becoming prohibitive. ...

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Lawyers, start your questions (access required)

Screenshot 2015-01-02 09.50.15

Depositions are such a common part of today’s civil litigation landscape that much of how they are conducted has become routine. That includes the opening “admonishments” to the witness. But every witness and every situation is different. Everything you do ...

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Be careful when replying to obnoxious client messages (access required)


Plenty of businesses are open or on call around the clock. There’s no particular reason that a bookstore or a dry cleaning business needs to be open all night, but a taxi company, or a towing company, or even a ...

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Tables turned: Lawyer sitting on jury sees other side (access required)


I recently was selected to serve on a jury at Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn, Massachusetts.  The case involved a motor vehicle accident in which liability was stipulated and the only question at trial was whether the plaintiff’s back injury ...

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Four tips on how to cross-sell more effectively (access required)


Business flows into law firms through any number of channels, and there is a myriad of ways to market legal services. Unfortunately, one of the most accessible methods of business development historically has had trouble gaining traction: cross-selling. Lawyers often ...

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The ins and outs of family leave (access required)


Lawyers often run right up to a deadline before they file a pleading. But dealing with doctor-provided deadlines may require some flexibility, when it comes to planning to take family leave from a law practice. Attorney Anthony Cotton, of Waukesha, ...

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Keeping your balance: Tax consequences of gifts, awards, prizes (access required)

gift tax

With the holiday season right around the corner, it is important for both employers and employees to be reminded about the tax consequences of receiving gifts, awards and other prizes. Whether it is a free turkey at Thanksgiving, an award ...

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Listen for the song in your witness’s head (access required)


You walk into the conference room to start preparing your witness and wonder: What is he or she thinking? What are the expectations and misconceptions? Put another way, what is the song playing in the witness’s head, and what are ...

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Beating stress can pay dividends at work, home (access required)


Lawyers, stressed? The job has an inherent amount of conflict – lots of clients, lots of cases, lots of late nights. Their own clients are emotionally charged. The other side is emotionally charged. Judges have a responsibility of moving cases along, ...

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