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Keeping your balance: Tax consequences of gifts, awards, prizes (access required)

gift tax

With the holiday season right around the corner, it is important for both employers and employees to be reminded about the tax consequences of receiving gifts, awards and other prizes. Whether it is a free turkey at Thanksgiving, an award ...

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Listen for the song in your witness’s head (access required)


You walk into the conference room to start preparing your witness and wonder: What is he or she thinking? What are the expectations and misconceptions? Put another way, what is the song playing in the witness’s head, and what are ...

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Beating stress can pay dividends at work, home (access required)


Lawyers, stressed? The job has an inherent amount of conflict – lots of clients, lots of cases, lots of late nights. Their own clients are emotionally charged. The other side is emotionally charged. Judges have a responsibility of moving cases along, ...

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Time’s a wasting – here’s how to change that (access required)


Daily distractions – they kill your productivity and they derail your time management. Interruptions, email, multitasking and a dozen other different distractions cause significant loss of productivity, which translates to lost money. And, the bigger problem is not the distraction ...

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Tech Toolkit: 3 tips to improve mobile security (access required)


At this point, it’s almost impossible to recall a time before smartphones and nonstop connection. The efficiency and always-on gains seen by mobile technology has come at a price, however. According to security firm Kaspersky Lab, mobile is becoming one ...

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The illusion of the lawyer who is always available (access required)

Multi tasking

As a relatively new lawyer, I’ve gone to some (perhaps silly) lengths to hide any evidence of my personal life from colleagues and clients. My office phone rolls over to my cell phone, creating the illusion that I am always ...

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How to choose Web-based legal software (access required)

Cloud computing

These days, more and more lawyers are moving to Web-based legal software because it’s convenient, provides 24/7 on-the-go-access to case-related information, and is affordable. The good news is now that cloud computing is becoming more familiar and accepted, new platforms ...

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Turn your bio into a business magnet (access required)


The smart lawyer can turn a bio into a marketing magnet that generates leads, as opposed to a mere resume or a CV, which recite only education and experience. The trick is to turn one of your features into a ...

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