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Minimize employment claims by training supervisors (access required)


Statistics and anecdotal information continue to show that discrimination and retaliation claims are on the rise. Verdicts are larger than ever as juries lose patience with companies unable to reign in managers who engage in questionable conduct. Legal costs rise, ...

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Former Va. lawyer now disbarred in Maryland

BALTIMORE, MD — A Virginia lawyer whose license was revoked for stealing from her elderly clients now has been disbarred in Maryland. Erin Marie Weber was sanctioned by the Maryland Court of Appeals in an March 28 order that took ...

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Self-help legal sites: How do lawyers compete? (access required)


Lawyers know today’s potential legal clients likely went to the web first when they pondered a legal matter. That’s why lawyers are routinely advised to have a strong online presence. But those potential clients may never make it to your ...

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New film takes aim at family law practice (access required)


Editor’s Note: “Marriage is an institution. Divorce is big business.” That’s the tag line for “Divorce Corp.,” a new documentary on why troubled spouses should avoid divorce lawyers. If you’re a Virginia family law practitioner, you may not have seen ...

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Count the cost before you choose to wage the war (access required)


When Sun Tzu wrote “The Art of War” in the sixth century B.C., he probably wasn’t thinking about how his advice would apply to employment law litigation in the 21st century, but he might as well have. One of his ...

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