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Witness prep: Not only permissible, but essential (access required)


Just settling into the witness preparation session, your client nervously asks: “What if they ask about preparation?” It’s a frequent question — and concern — from witnesses. Contained within it are all the common stereotypes about dishonest lawyers improperly “coaching” ...

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The stress-free law practice (access required)


Many of you saw the headline of this column and thought one of two things: “That is absolutely impossible” or “Yes, I want that.” I am fairly certain that a completely stress-free law practice is not possible, any more than ...

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Strategy looms large in noncompete arena (access required)

One of the most difficult and critical decisions lawyers must make is deciding who to sue. Though it’s arguably the first decision in any lawsuit, when it comes to suing to enforce restrictive covenants such as non-competition agreements, the choice ...

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When business interruptions occur, whose liability is it? (access required)

The recent spate of weather-related casualties has caused many business owners to re-examine their business interruption insurance coverage, and now even the most bottom-line-focused entrepreneurs are thinking inclusion of this type of coverage may be money well-spent. The allocation of ...

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Minimize employment claims by training supervisors (access required)


Statistics and anecdotal information continue to show that discrimination and retaliation claims are on the rise. Verdicts are larger than ever as juries lose patience with companies unable to reign in managers who engage in questionable conduct. Legal costs rise, ...

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Former Va. lawyer now disbarred in Maryland

BALTIMORE, MD — A Virginia lawyer whose license was revoked for stealing from her elderly clients now has been disbarred in Maryland. Erin Marie Weber was sanctioned by the Maryland Court of Appeals in an March 28 order that took ...

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