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Risks of borrowing from 401(k)s (access required)


More employees are tapping into their 401(k) accounts to pay for medical bills, mortgages and credit card debt. Yet, as Americans’ retirement lives lengthen, they are becoming no less expensive, causing industry experts to worry about a potential new class ...

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Washington Redskins face ‘bounty’ suit (access required)


As the Washington Redskins prepare for a fresh start in their brand new training camp near downtown Richmond, the team faces a legal claim from a player injured in 2004. In what may be the first case of its kind, ...

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10 ways to alienate a jury (without even trying) (access required)

Winning a jury trial requires effective presentation of the evidence and argument. But let’s face it: You’re a lot more likely to win if the jurors like and trust you. Some lawyers get so focused on the exhibits and witnesses ...

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Lawyers can’t get driver information to solicit clients, says high court (access required)

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Lawyers who wanted to use drivers’ personal information to solicit new clients for consumer lawsuits could not rely on an exception to a federal privacy law, the U.S. Supreme Court said June 17. The “litigation exception” in the Driver’s Privacy ...

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Marketing: How to eat an elephant (access required)

eating an elephant

During the last few years, it has been ever more common to hear lawyers say, with more than a hint of frustration and worry in their voices: “What’s the point of doing a marketing plan? Why bother trying to forecast ...

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The use of ADR in health care disputes (access required)

Health care disputes are ideal for alternative dispute resolution. Given the health care environment and the tremendous pressures being placed on payors (insurers, administrators of self insured plans, and governments) and providers (physicians, hospitals, and other providers of medical services ...

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