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Bringing ‘mind-mapping’ into the courtroom (access required)

mind map

Toss the term “mind-mapping” into conversation and you’ll likely draw sideways glances. It sounds like something that would happen aboard alien space craft, and, in raw form, it looks like the doodles of a bored college student. But consumer protection ...

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How to own cross-examination of a witness (access required)

Cross Examine

Of everything that goes into being a trial lawyer, nothing is more difficult, more subtle or more challenging than cross-examination. Writing about cross-examination is a little bit like writing about golf. Reading an article by Tiger Woods on the fundamentals ...

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For maximum security, shred old hard drives (access required)

Every piece of technology has a lifespan, and even smaller companies likely have a technology closet with at least a few “retired” hard drives tucked into a corner. Although these machines may have been wiped using software designed to destroy ...

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Employers ignore union info requests at their peril (access required)

The National Labor Relations Board recently ruled that an employer committed an unfair labor practice — or ULP — by failing to respond “in a reasonably timely manner” to a union information request concerning bargaining-unit employees, even though the information ...

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Defense of employment claims may change (access required)

The U.S. Supreme Court is set to decide a case that may have a significant impact on how employers approach defending claims under multiple federal employment laws. The issue is one that may appear technical but nonetheless is significant for ...

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Trendspotting: The Consumer Electronics Show (access required)

Editor’s note: For the past three years, Baltimore litigator Frank Gorman has provided his impression of the annual Consumer Electronics Show, held each January in Las Vegas for our sister publication, The Daily Record. In this piece, he identifies technology ...

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Thought for the New Year: ‘Not your father’s legal marketplace’ (access required)

“This is not your father’s Oldsmobile.” You may recall that famous advertising slogan from the 1980s. One could use a similar phrase when describing today’s legal marketplace. Changes in billing methods, improvements in technology, a turbulent economy and the globalization ...

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Compelled mediation: Showing your good faith (access required)

Driven by crowded dockets, a desire to avoid having to resolve difficult cases, or a desire to protect perceived vulnerable populations from likely adverse outcomes in courts of law, statutes, rules, court orders and judicial decisions that force disputing parties ...

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