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Tech Toolkit: Boost efficiency with online tools (access required)

With a more widely distributed workforce – projects and litigation may involve in-house employees, consultants, contractors, and teleworkers — the need for online collaboration has never been greater. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices on the market to meet the ...

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Investment truths produce long-term success (access required)

The last five years have sent stocks on a wild ride. First, the October 2007 to March 2009 Great Recession and bear market drove stocks down 50 percent, then the bull market boosted stocks up over 100 percent in under ...

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Rolling 401(k) into an IRA makes sense (access required)

I recently met a married couple of university professors who were interested in improving their investment portfolios and getting a sound financial plan in place. The couple, both in their early 60s, thought their ability to work with a brokerage ...

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Ten tips for litigators to succeed in mediation (access required)

After observing parties succeed and fail in hundreds of mediations, I’ve come up with a top 10 list of tips for litigators to have a successful mediation. 1. Select the appropriate mediator. Mediators vary in approach and style. Some use ...

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Bringing ‘mind-mapping’ into the courtroom (access required)

mind map

Toss the term “mind-mapping” into conversation and you’ll likely draw sideways glances. It sounds like something that would happen aboard alien space craft, and, in raw form, it looks like the doodles of a bored college student. But consumer protection ...

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How to own cross-examination of a witness (access required)

Cross Examine

Of everything that goes into being a trial lawyer, nothing is more difficult, more subtle or more challenging than cross-examination. Writing about cross-examination is a little bit like writing about golf. Reading an article by Tiger Woods on the fundamentals ...

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For maximum security, shred old hard drives (access required)

Every piece of technology has a lifespan, and even smaller companies likely have a technology closet with at least a few “retired” hard drives tucked into a corner. Although these machines may have been wiped using software designed to destroy ...

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Employers ignore union info requests at their peril (access required)

The National Labor Relations Board recently ruled that an employer committed an unfair labor practice — or ULP — by failing to respond “in a reasonably timely manner” to a union information request concerning bargaining-unit employees, even though the information ...

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