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You can hate the ranking game, but be a player (access required)

Legal rankings often elicit strong reactions from attorneys. I had a lawyer tell me he planned to call one publication to tell it to remove his name from the list, and another said she was embarrassed because she was unranked. ...

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Lawyers paying non-lawyer colleagues (access required)

Ethics experts and the lawyers they counsel have engaged in a long-running debate about how lawyers can compensate their non-lawyer colleagues. It’s been a contentious issue and a recent decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court highlights the continuing controversy. The ...

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Poll: More couples seeking postnuptial agreements (access required)

Divorce attorneys are still reporting an increase in requests for postnuptial agreements, according to a new poll by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. “Postnuptial agreements are becoming a valuable tool to avoid trouble spots from escalating into serious conflicts ...

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Replacing the legal pad: Apps for note-taking (access required)

Taking notes is a critical task for lawyers in all practice areas. Some would rather write longhand, some would rather type and others prefer to enter text directly into a mobile device, with their thumbs or using a dictation program. ...

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How to protect your practice from difficult clients (access required)

Keeping control of clients who become difficult to manage and making sure you filter out the not-so-good clients in the first place are essential to maintaining a successful law practice and holding on to your sanity. This can be especially ...

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Social Media: To Link or not to Link (access required)

Should you accept a LinkedIn invitation from someone you don’t know? What about someone whose reputation is questionable? When people ask me questions about whether or not to “link,” they are usually not asking about the business benefits; they’re often ...

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