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iPad, iPhone apps for the traveling lawyer (access required)

If you’re a lawyer with an iPad or an iPhone and you travel frequently, this article was written just for you. In it, you’ll learn about the latest travel apps and how you can use them to make your travels ...

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Document assembly for lawyers (access required)

Lawyers have always been interested in better ways to produce legal documents and correspondence. Even before computers, memory typewriters allowed lawyers to reuse forms without retyping the entire document. It sounds like something from the Stone Age, but many practicing ...

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‘Professionalism’ for the ‘ethical’ lawyer (access required)

Most lawyers use the words “professional” and “ethical” as synonyms for some vaguely defined “good” lawyer behavior. However, the concepts are really quite different, and lawyers hoping to act “professionally” sometimes must examine the ethics rules for permission to do ...

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Remember: Doing nothing is a choice, too (access required)

Almost 20 years ago, George Costanza, the character on “Seinfeld,” pitched a novel idea for a television show: “Nothing happens!” he gleefully told puzzled NBC executives. You might not want to let this “Seinfeld” scene inspire your investment strategy. In ...

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Hiding something? Forensic accounting plays role in family law (access required)

Divorce clients frequently raise concerns that spouses are hiding assets or income. Often, however, such concerns are the product of the other spouse’s attempts to manipulate the client into staying in the marriage or believing she will ultimately “lose” anyway, ...

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Protecting your client’s business in divorce (access required)

Divorce can be bad business for your client. Mixing a business and its assets with a divorce can become financially and emotionally devastating for the couple and their family, as well as the employees and co-owners. Division of property is ...

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