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Focus of NYT series not representative of arbitration (access required)


A three-part series in the New York Times this past fall (“Arbitration Everywhere, Stacking the Deck of Justice,” Oct. 31), spotlighting certain abuses and injustices in particular types of arbitration, has gained wide attention in the ADR community, the broader ...

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Solo doesn’t mean alone (access required)


Solo practitioners are constantly faced with tackling multiple jobs while trying to achieve the most important goal: building a successful law practice. If you’re a solo, in addition to being a lawyer, you have to be a small business owner, ...

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Yes, your practice is going to change — so be ready (Part 2) (access required)

Wearable tech (2)

The perception of legal service delivery is in constant flux. In my Dec. 7 column, I pointed to legal service apps and nonprofit law firms as two quickly emerging factors that are reshaping the landscape for practicing attorneys. Now I ...

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Federal courts usher in big changes to rules for discovery (access required)


Discovery, the all-important quest for information on which litigation depends, used to involve digging through warehouses full of paper documents, piled sky-high in cardboard boxes. Today, of course, electronic storage keeps an exponentially larger number of documents much closer to ...

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Nine reasons to write a Top 10 (access required)


The buzz phrase of the day is “content is king,” and you’ve no doubt been urged by your marketing staff to write an article, newsletter or blog post. If you’re like most lawyers, you agree that it’s a good idea, ...

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Find the marketing opportunities in your community (access required)


Your local community can reveal big clues about its legal needs. By learning what is important to, needed by and/or lacking in your community, you can tailor your services to meet residents’ needs and open up new opportunities for your ...

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