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On-demand work force: Time for a new classification? (access required)


Contingent workers, more recently called on-demand workers or even micro-entrepreneurs, are a growing force in the labor market. These workers are relied upon almost entirely by app-based companies operating in the sharing economy, like industry giant Uber. However, these companies ...

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Learn the unwritten rules (access required)


In every walk of life, there are unwritten rules that must be learned through experience, observation or training. So it is with trial practice. You can learn the rules of evidence and the rules of procedure, but much of what ...

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Frivolous accusations of frivolity

A recent encounter with opposing counsel in a very terse and contentious case got me thinking about the (over)use of the word “frivolous.” Speaking over the phone, the lawyer I’m referring to took the time to try to school me ...

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Security needed in an office with a BYOD habit (access required)


If left to their own devices to perform work for your firm, attorneys and staff could get you in a heap of trouble. That’s because of something known as BYOD. BYOD stands for “bring your own device,” such as a ...

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Full 4th Circuit to hear cell tracking appeal

BALTIMORE — The full 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said it will consider whether police need a search warrant to get the cellphone-tower records of suspected criminals in an effort to track down their whereabouts when the crime was ...

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Borrowing and the art of trial advocacy (access required)


Whether you are just starting out or an experienced hand, you should take every opportunity you can to watch other lawyers try cases. When a trial lawyer stands up in open court, the lawyer is not only pleading the case, ...

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A lateral move requires discreet investigation (access required)


Thinking of making a lateral move to be a partner at another firm? Prepare to do a lot of research, because the grass is not always greener under another firm’s shingle. Your research topics should include the firm’s financial situation, ...

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Five reasons why you lost your jury, and your case (access required)


Litigating is a mix of science and art. It takes the right amount of craft, knowledge, intelligence, evidence and personality to get the people in the box to see things your way. Sometimes it’s easier to do in some areas ...

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