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Five reasons why you lost your jury, and your case (access required)


Litigating is a mix of science and art. It takes the right amount of craft, knowledge, intelligence, evidence and personality to get the people in the box to see things your way. Sometimes it’s easier to do in some areas ...

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Why associates leave and how to stop them (access required)


One of the most serious challenges facing law firms today is recruiting and retaining young talent. Firms of all sizes are finding it increasingly difficult to hold onto associates for more than a few years. That means partners and firm ...

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Six strategies for effective mediation advocacy training (access required)


As mediators, attorneys and educators, we understand the importance of preparing litigators to engage in mediation advocacy effectively. We also understand the realities of law firm practice and the scarcity of time attorneys have to devote to professional development. However, ...

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Legal tech in 2015: All about efficiency (access required)


The International Legal Technology Association conference in Las Vegas, or ILTACON, is described on the conference website as “a four-day educational conference that draws on the personal and collective strengths of professionals working in technology within law firms and legal ...

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Wearable tech data may become evidence (access required)

Wearable tech

When I first started writing about the importance of social media to lawyers in the mid-2000s, it was an uphill battle to convince lawyers that social media should matter to them. It wasn’t until social media began cropping up in ...

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Cloud a better option than in-house services (access required)

Cloud computing

Cloud computing offers many benefits for firms that need data storage and information services and functions that would be difficult, and expensive, to provide in-house, technology experts say. It does “lower the barrier to entry for firms on a leaner ...

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The good old days seem so long ago

The unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been since April 2008, but pay packets are still noticeably thinner than they were before the bubble burst – especially for lawyers. According to a report published this month by the National Employment ...

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What to expect from the next generation (access required)

Teens on devices

Are you tired of reading about millennials, that demographic of socially conscious, socially networked, free-thinking, tech-savvy people born around 1980 or later who are the absolute darlings of marketers everywhere? Well you’re not alone. As this kale- and quinoa-eating demographic ...

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How to relax at work — without ever leaving your office (access required)

Office meditation

For many law firm associates, making time to relax and take care of themselves seems impossible within their busy schedules. On the surface, it sounds like a good idea (in the same way having a mandatory firm-wide nap time in ...

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