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Do you have the time? (access required)

One often hears the phrase: “work-life balance.” It’s an issue that varies from lawyer to lawyer. In the short term, there is really no such day-to-day phenomenon as balance; at any given moment the lawyer is doing just one thing, ...

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Does your law firm have a language gap? (access required)

Lawyers have a language all their own, and sometimes its purpose seems to be to obscure meaning rather than to facilitate it; however, other disciplines that work in law firm staff positions also have their professional jargon that may or ...

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Are a law practice and a law office synonymous? (access required)

Is the location of your office, whether downtown, in a strip mall or in a two-story walkup, critical from a client perspective? The answer depends on the types of clients you seek to attract and what is most convenient to ...

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Office space will reflect your firm (access required)

If you are opening a new law practice, you need to start your firm on sound financial footing. But the nature of your firm’s infrastructure — bricks and mortar, computers and software – are important too. Each element is essential, ...

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Put plan for recession survival in place before income slows (access required)

Law firms are no strangers to the boom-and-bust mode of operation, and it’s been apparent for some time that the “bust” phase is here. Of course, small firms and solo practices face the valley of lean times frequently, sometimes more ...

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How to use bonuses for rewarding staff (access required)

A client recently called me with a good problem. The office administrator of his firm was someone who, as the lawyer said, “takes more initiative than anyone I’ve ever had around here.” That ranged from volunteering to making collection phone ...

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