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'Possession' Ruling Energizes Defense Bar (access required)

Defense attorneys throughout Virginia have jumped on a new defense to under-age drinking provided by a one-page order last month from the Virginia Court of Appeals. In the case, Dalton v. Commonwealth, a 20-year-old man in Montgomery County beat the ...

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Jurisdiction Is Key In DUI 'Possession' Case (access required)

A one-page, unsigned order from the Court of Appeals of Virginia has created a stir in the criminal defense bar. Issued Jan. 22, the order reversed a circuit-court conviction of a 20-year-old Blacksburg student convicted of underage possession of alcohol ...

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Small Firm, Big Verdict (access required)

Two lawyers from a small Richmond firm last month won an $8.57 million verdict for a group of plaintiffs bilked by an elaborate Ponzi scheme conducted by leaders at their church. Small firms can’t afford to take big, complex cases, ...

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Richmond Scam Victims Receive $8.57M Award (access required)

A wrathful Richmond jury hit a group of local religious figures with an $8.57 million verdict for defrauding investors in an elaborate Ponzi scheme. VERDICT REPORT Drawing on their links to area churches, the group touted an “investment debenture program” ...

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VSB Seeks Input On New Advertising Rule (access required)

The Virginia State Bar wants your opinion: Should the state prohibit advertising by Virginia attorneys that refers to specific case results? As drafted by the bar’s 12-member advertising committee, the amendment to Rule 7.2 of the Rules of Professional Conduct ...

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Appalachian Law Vows To Rebound (access required)

As the students and faculty of the Appalachian School of Law in Grundy continue to absorb the impact of the recent shooting rampage, school officials vowed that the school would bounce back. Norton attorney Joseph E. Wolfe, a trustee of ...

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