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iPhone apps for attorneys (access required)

The enormously popular iPhone has become a hit for tech enthusiasts in all fields – and attorneys are no exception. Several tech-savvy lawyers gave Lawyers USA the low down on which iPhone applications (apps) are their favorites. Jott What it ...

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Graphics in ADR : Different from use during a trial (access required)

As trial lawyers can attest, the use of visuals to complement a case can be a godsend. Whether it’s a simple chart or a complex animation, visuals help jurors understand a case. In alternative dispute resolution, visuals can have the ...

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How to protect your firm’s passwords (access required)

They are the last lines of defense between your firm’s (and your clients’) confidential online data and a security breach. So how can you ensure that your passwords are up to snuff? Lawyers USA recently spoke with Stephen Bird of ...

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Quick (and cheap!) ways to fix your computer (access required)

Repairing your office or personal computer can cost hundreds of dollars. But lawyers looking to save a few bucks can improve their computers’ speed and performance for free (and cheap) with a quick trip around the Internet. Many online performance ...

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How Millennials could change the legal workplace (access required)

Over the course of the last decade, Terri Krivosha has noticed a widening generation gap in her firm between baby boomers, older Generation Xers and a new crop of young attorneys – the Millennials. “Each generation waits for the generation ...

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E-mail call: managing that cluttered inbox (access required)

For most attorneys, it’s not uncommon to receive 150-200 new e-mails per day, approximately 25,000 per year. With that kind of clutter, tangled with spam and other unimportant messages, it’s easy for a valuable e-mail concerning a client or case ...

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