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A scan in time can zap pre-installed viruses in new gadgets (access required)

By Larry Fiorino The latest tech gadgets are exciting to own and even more fun to use. From MP3 players to portable GPS systems, technology has given Americans more options for digitalizing their everyday lives than ever before. However, owning ...

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More companies are watching e-mail (access required)

Forrester Research recently released a comprehensive survey of 294 U.S. companies with more than 1,000 employees concerning e-mail usage in their corporate environments. During the last year, almost 33 percent of the companies have fired an employee for inappropriate usage ...

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The latest online vermin: RATs (access required)

RATs are taking over as the nastiest Web creatures since phish and viruses. Cyber crooks are deploying new attacks against online banks called “Remote Access Trojans,” or RATs, according to experts. Trojan horses have traditionally sneaked onto computers by posing ...

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