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Beyond PowerPoint: A whole new world of presentations (access required)

Today, slide presentations are simply expected. Attorneys may need to create them for clients, closing arguments, lectures or mediations. Microsoft PowerPoint may be the most popular software for creating slide presentations, followed by Apple’s presentation software called Keynote, but these ...

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Wiki world: Taking the labor out of collaboration (access required)

Prepare yourself: The wiki has arrived. A wiki, simply put, is a Web site that allows multiple people to contribute, edit and collaborate on it. This short, odd little word (it’s pronounced “wick-ee” and comes from the Hawaiian word for ...

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Tools Of The Trade: Upgrading Your Law Office (access required)

Walk into some hotels and the clerk punches your name into the computer. Your reservation is located, a room is assigned, key cards are coded and you are on your way up. When you place a call the toll charges ...

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