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Marketing Doesn't Have To Be Expensive To Look That Way (access required)

Most marketing agencies will gladly work with a law firm to develop a unique “brand” and a distinctive advertising campaign – provided that firm is ready and able to fork over tens of thousands of dollars for the service. Unfortunately, ...

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The Viability Of Voice Recognition Software For Lawyers (access required)

According to Stanley Kubrick’s vision in the 1968 film, “2001: A Space Odyssey,” we were supposed to be sending people to Jupiter by now, using shipboard computers that understand and interact with the human voice. At the time, the premise ...

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Which Legal Research Option Is Right For You? (access required)

When it comes to comprehensive online legal research, the only games in town used to be Westlaw and Lexis, two premium services that some solos and small firms might perceive as being geared toward megafirm needs (and budgets). But there ...

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