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The hidden malpractice traps within law firms (access required)

There are a number of all-too-well-known malpractice and grievance traps: conflicts of interest, missed deadlines, lack of competency, confidentiality/fiduciary breaches, clerical errors, failure to document adequately and poor client relations. But this column focuses not on these common errors, but ...

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Managing The ?Shoulds' Of Decision-Making (access required)

Choices. The fabric of our personal and professional lives is heavily interwoven with the decisions we have made or not made. Likewise, most of our choices have a direct or indirect, negative or positive impact on the lives of those ...

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Making Sure The Phrase 'Quality Of Life' Is A Reality In Yours (access required)

The “Are You Being Your Own Best Friend?” Test 1. How many of your favorite activities have you actually done during the past month? Last two months? 2. Do you usually feel like you are in control of your work ...

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Law Office Management (access required)

Lawyers are often stunned when a valued employee unexpectedly resigns. In many cases, the departing staff member sent prior warning signals but the responsible lawyers failed to investigate or, worse, did not take the warnings seriously. The risks of such ...

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