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Supporting staff key to building law firm dream team (access required)

Lawyers put a lot of time and effort into marketing, technology and other areas of their practice, but often give short shrift to the people who keep their firms running – their secretaries, assistants and paralegals. The price of this ...

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P.I. defense lawyers face rise in malpractice claims (access required)

Several years ago, Benjamin H. Hill III defended a malpractice claim lodged against a Florida personal injury defense lawyer by the insurance company that had hired him. Hill, who practices in Tampa, successfully argued that there was no direct attorney-client ...

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Computer imagery animates medical graphics in trials (access required)

Influenced by cutting-edge visual effects used on television crime dramas, medical graphics firms are using futuristic 3-D animations to recreate injuries and accidents in high-stakes civil trials. Lawyers and medical forensics experts said that jurors weighing medical evidence expect to ...

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Federal trucking rules reinstated (access required)

The Bush administration has reinstated rules extending the allowable driving hours for commercial, long-haul truckers, despite a D.C. Circuit decision last July finding the rules “arbitrary and capricious” and a threat to drivers’ health. Public safety advocates decried the action ...

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ABA Backs Jury Trial Innovations (access required)

The American Bar Association has produced a progressive set of jury principles, aimed at increasing jury participation and improving conditions for jurors. In February, the ABA’s House of Delegates approved 19 principles for juries and jury trials. The far-reaching recommendations ...

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