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Police Roadblocks (access required)

A police officer’s belief that a driver made a U-turn through a gas station to avoid a roadblock is not enough to justify stopping him, the Supreme Court of Virginia has ruled unanimously. The turn was a legal driving maneuver ...

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New 'Practice-Area Alert' (access required)

Beginning this week, Virginia Lawyers Weekly introduces a new alert servicethe weekly “Practice-Area Alert”exclusively for newspaper subscribers. This service will notify subscribers of court decisions in their area of specialty. The alerts will be available in the following areas: Bankruptcy ...

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Permissive Use Law (access required)

Mom and dad buy a car for their teen-age daughter. They tell her not to let anyone else drive the car. One night after a party, though, she lets her ne’er-do-well boyfriend, of whom her parents disapprove, drive the car ...

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