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New 'Practice-Area Alert' (access required)

Beginning this week, Virginia Lawyers Weekly introduces a new alert servicethe weekly “Practice-Area Alert”exclusively for newspaper subscribers. This service will notify subscribers of court decisions in their area of specialty. The alerts will be available in the following areas: Bankruptcy ...

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Permissive Use Law (access required)

Mom and dad buy a car for their teen-age daughter. They tell her not to let anyone else drive the car. One night after a party, though, she lets her ne’er-do-well boyfriend, of whom her parents disapprove, drive the car ...

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Statute Mandating Arbitration Struck (access required)

A statute requiring insurance companies to arbitrate disputed property claims between companies is unconstitutional, a Roanoke Circuit judge has ruled. Given the large number of auto property damage disputes between insurers, the statute, adopted in 1994, provided a way to ...

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A Breakthrough On Bad Faith (access required)

The Supreme Court of Virginia upheld a bad-faith finding against an insurance company for the first time on Jan. 14. The company fought payment of a boy’s bills from a chiropractor. A Richmond jury found in the boy’s favor on ...

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Issues To Watch In The Assembly Session (access required)

After more than a century of subservience to the Democrats, Republicans have complete control of Virginia’s General Assembly. The 2000 legislative session opened last Wednesday. How the GOP wields its newfound power will determine how effectively the state spends its ...

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