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Contest For High-Court Seat Begins (access required)

Now that Supreme Court Justice A. Christian Compton has made his retirement announcement official (see story, “Justice Compton To Retire“), the game is on for determining who his successor on the court will be. Although one could hear occasional whispers ...

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Virginia on the frontier of the ?Net (access required)

Virginia sometimes gets the rap for being conservative, slow to change, even stodgy. But when it comes to the Internet and the law, the Old Dominion is leading the pack on a number of issues. A by-no-means-comprehensive run-down on some ...

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Judges see need for sanctions (access required)

Virginia’s Circuit judges don’t think that monetary sanctions are used often enough to make lawyers behave, according to a new poll just published by the Virginia Bar Association. But this same group indicated that they generally don’t impose sanctions. A ...

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