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New Cases On 'Write-Offs' Split 2-3 (access required)

The fight over doctors’ write-offs continues. The issue, as always, is one of damages. An injured plaintiff goes to a health care provider and receives medical attention. The provider, thanks to a prior arrangement with an insurance company, a health ...

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Rapist gets mental exam (access required)

A defendant convicted of rape is entitled to a mental evaluation before sentencing, the Court of Appeals of Virginia has ruled. Where the exam was denied, the conviction of a defendantwho was given a life term for the crimewas remanded ...

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Doctors? write-offs issue debated (access required)

The question of how to factor doctors’ write-offs in personal injury cases isor is notgoverned by the collateral source rule in Virginia, depending on whether you listen to a plaintiff’s lawyer or a defense attorney. Two of Virginia’s most able ...

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