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?As is? sale of house permitted (access required)

A homebuyer who signed an “as is” contract for a house could not later claim constructive fraud by the sellers, a Chesterfield Circuit judge has ruled in a case of apparent first impression. Virginia Code Sect. 55-517 et seq., passed ...

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Negligent Retention (access required)

A woman comes to your office, ready to sue her company after her boss has sexually assaulted her. She is not the first woman to be treated this way, she says, based on confidences from a co-worker. As you craft ...

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Can employers dodge this claim? (access required)

On the flip side of the negligent-retention discussion are employers–from mom-and-pops to multi-nationals–who must figure out just what do they do once they learn that an employee has harassed a co-worker, slugged a customer or committed some other act that ...

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