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The education of Tim Kaine

Before he was a U.S. Senator, before he was governor or lieutenant gover­nor, and while he was mayor of Rich­mond, Tim Kaine was a lawyer. He has seen and done a lot since en­tering the Senate; he has built a ...

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McCullough takes seat on high court (access required)

McCullough FEA

Justice Stephen R. McCullough was invested as the 106th member of the Supreme Court of Virginia on May 23, at a ceremony featuring his family, his colleagues from the Court of Appeals and past co-workers at the Virginia Attorney General’s ...

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Judge needn’t recuse when courtroom regular appears in case (access required)


A judge need not automatically recuse himself when a lawyer who regularly appears before the court is a witness or a defendant in a case, according to the Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee. The judge must “introspectively determine” her own impartiality ...

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Ready to rock

The 2016 General Assembly was contentious and a bit rocky. It had Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment’s stunt that briefly sent the Assembly press corps to the gallery above the floor, making binoculars a necessary piece of equipment to cover ...

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Headline of the Day

The news last week that the government will kick Andrew Jackson off the 20-dollar bill and replace him with Harriet Tubman was big. Changing personnel on the nation’s currency doesn’t happen often, but it’s not unprecedented. Jackson has been on ...

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Fakin’ it (access required)

A Pennsylvania woman spent near­ly 10 years posing as a lawyer in a rural Pennsylvania county, handling estates work, despite the fact she never went to law school. She was a partner at a law firm, making a $100,000 buy-in ...

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