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Bring out your dead…

Using an investment into a cemetery as a tax shelter sounds kind of creepy. But it gets creepier: The Justice Department says the cemetery tax shelter, centering on Northern Virginia, is a sham and has filed an injunction to stop ...

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Notes from Charlottesville

Just what is going on at the University of Virginia law school? Students are in the middle of exam period, but distractions abound. Above the Law has been following Mr. Jefferson’s law school, and reports, that among other things: • ...

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So how did that defense work out?

The Laurel Leader-Call of Laurel, Miss., has a story about a asbestos trial last week in Smith County, Miss. Tony Brown, 48, brought claims against Union Carbide Corp. and Chevron Phillips Chem, based on exposure to asbestos. He worked as ...

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Motion to correct misnomer?

Anyone who has ever gotten a defendant’s name wrong and had to figure out how to fix the pleadings will appreciate this item. There is a whole body of law relating to making a mistake on someone’s name or suing ...

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Headline of the day

The Roanoke Times earns the honors, with their story about problems on Interstate 81, published today, May 5: Sinkhole de Mayo: Expect delays on Interstate 81 North of Lexington

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Not-So-Great Depression

Why are so many lawyers unhappy? It’s a question that keeps the therapists in business but it’s not easily answered. A clinical psychologist in DC, in a piece called “The Depressed Lawyer,” cites a report finding that lawyers have the ...

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