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Headline of the Day

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain has had a difficult week, as he has fielded accusations of harassment of women. TIME’s blog Swampland covers politics in DC and beyond. Regardless of your politics, you have to tip your hat to the ...

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A guaranteed FAIL

WILLIAMSBURG–Virginia Beach lawyer Steve Emmert knows a thing or two about taking a case up on appeal. He’s one of the lawyers who has built appellate law into a recognized and well-respected area of practice in Virginia. He’s served as ...

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Freedom of Disinformation

You might have missed this item last week. But the Justice Department has proposed new regulations to interpret the Freedom of Information Act that are logic-bending. In cases involving national security or law enforcement, some agencies now are allowed to ...

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Waste not

Here’s the scoop on the poop. The dog poop case in Fairfax, that is. In Fairfax yesterday, a woman charged with violating a county pooper-scooper ordinance was found not guilty by a jury after a day-long trial. Why did this ...

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