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Butterflies are free (access required)

A guy was in Norfolk federal court recently, and pleaded guilty. What was the rap? you ask. Drug-dealing? The federal courts are full of drug cases. High-rent corporate shenanigans? Okay, that came from the ongoing Enron trial. Terrorism, maybe? No, ...

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March Madness (access required)

If it’s March, it’s NCAA basketball time. Roundball fever. Catch it. Hoops mania. March madness. And much of it. The Old Dominion on a fairly regular basis has contributed teams to the annual collegiate championship dance. The Cavaliers of Yoo-Vee-Ay ...

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We're Number 9! (access required)

A couple of years ago, some people in Tidewater were upset about living on “Red Rum Road.” Why? Spell “red rum” backwards. That”s right, “murder.” Call it proof that some people take street names seriously. And street names can be ...

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Presenting ?The Best of 2005' (access required)

2005 soon will be in the history books. But before turning the corner into a brave new year, we’ll going to give you one last look at Oh-Five. This week’s B-section presents “The Best of 2005.” Top News You’ll find ...

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