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Getting A Lot With Limited Resources (access required)

Before digital cameras and top-line color printers dropped in cost enough to be practical for lawyers in smaller firms, plaintiffs’ lawyer Daniel S. Chamberlain of Indianapolis, Ind., used to get poor reproductions of black and white photographs from opposing counsel. ...

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In Camera (access required)

They don’t make actresses much more adorable than Reese Witherspoon, the human lemon drop who stars as the unlikeliest of law students in the comedy “Legally Blonde.” Like Jean Harlow with an iBook, Witherspoon is such a force of nature ...

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Some Enchanted Employment Opportunity (access required)

I admit it. Once in a while I’ll peruse the classified section just in case there’s an advertisement for a job that pays millions of dollars a year, requires little or no work and involves frequent lunches with Halle Berry. ...

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Fine Print: Once Upon A Crime (access required)

“A Cinderella Affidavit.” By Michael Fredrickson. Forge. 384 pages. $25.95 Any sizable bar meeting these days is certain to include a fair number of middle-aged lawyers who have undoubtedly consumed many a billable hour fantasizing about chucking their briefcases and ...

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To Wit: Estate of DiCaprio v. White Star Liner (access required)

One of the curses of being a lawyer (in addition to using words like “estop” when addressing small children) is that it’s often difficult to experience anything, however trivial, without contemplating the potential legal consequences. For example, during the Winter ...

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