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Noose display not protected as free speech (access required)

The Court of Appeals of Virginia refused to overturn the conviction of a Franklin County man who displayed a black-colored mannequin hanging from a noose in his front yard. Jack Turner was sentenced to 6 months in jail for a ...

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Lawyer convicted in home invasion gives up license (access required)

A former Virginia lawyer who helped her husband carry out a vicious attack on attorney Leo Fisher and his wife at their McLean home has given up her law license. Alecia M. Schmuhl had worked at Fisher’s firm, but was ...

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Lawsuit survives despite bungled service (access required)

Faced with a lawyer’s failure to properly serve the U.S. government – even after clear instructions from the government itself – a federal judge nevertheless allowed the lawyer’s slip-and-fall lawsuit to go forward this month. In a sharply worded opinion, ...

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Ex-employee wins $100K verdict against chiropractor (access required)


A Roanoke County jury this month awarded $100,000 to a one-time office staffer who complained she was sexually assaulted by her chiropractor boss. The jury accepted the ex-employee’s version of events in a courtroom credibility contest with chiropractor Joshua D. ...

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Arizona marijuana business leads to lawyer’s suspension (access required)

A Virginia-licensed lawyer whose Arizona practice included work in the medical marijuana industry has been suspended for a year in both states amid allegations of conflicts of interest and self-dealing. The charges describe a tangled chain of business activity arising ...

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New collection rule for fines and costs adopted (access required)


The Supreme Court of Virginia has added a new rule establishing standards for courts’ collection of fines and costs. The rule comes amid criticism – and a federal lawsuit – focusing on how court financial obligations and driver’s license suspensions ...

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Lawyer suspended 9 months for hit-and-run conviction (access required)

A lawyer ordered to defend his law license after a felony hit-and-run conviction has been suspended for nine months. Wright H. Lewis of Potomac Falls was involved in a 2014 accident involving injury in Fairfax County, according to court records. ...

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