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Judge tosses federal charges for Brady violation (access required)


An Alexandria federal judge has thrown out criminal charges against two people accused in an illegal “visa-for-sale” scheme based on prosecutors’ failure to disclose information about trial witnesses. The unusual action by U.S. District Judge Leonie M. Brinkema came in ...

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Justices agree to hear ‘balance billing’ case (access required)

The Supreme Court of Virginia has agreed to review a case focusing on whether a hospital can bill a patient the full amount of its charges when the hospital is “out-of-network” for the patient. A Henry County judge last year ...

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Lawsuit defends bald eagle home (access required)

A lawsuit in Alexandria federal court is aimed at protecting the nest of a family of bald eagles from the aggravation of nearby construction work. The lawyer for a concerned bird watcher says a federal official broke the rules when ...

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Leader of the Year (access required)


The Virginia Lawyers Weekly “Leader of the Year” has devoted her 23-year legal career to helping vic­tims of domestic and sexual abuse. Susheela Varky of Richmond was one of 26 lawyers honored in the Class of 2016 of Virginia Lawyers ...

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Cop says he was fired for reporting corruption (access required)


Call it the case of the candy pre­text. A former Petersburg police officer says he was fired based on a trumped-up ac­cusation that he improperly ate candy found at the scene of a police search. The ex-detective says the real ...

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Albo: Lawyers should have right to withdraw for non-payment (access required)


One lawyer-legislator says lawyers should have the right to cut off their services if a client fails to pay as agreed. Not all judges agree with the concept, but Del. David Albo, R-Springfield, says, “I’m sick of working for free.” ...

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Fairfax lawyers vote on judge candidates (access required)

Ten lawyers are on the ballot as Fairfax bar members vote to recommend a choice for an anticipated circuit court vacancy. The vacancy is expected due to the planned December retirement of Judge David S. Schell. The candidates for the ...

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False confessions: Lawyer attacks police interrogation, gains acquittal (access required)


A Lynchburg jury has acquitted a jailor accused of hav­ing sex with an inmate despite the jail guard’s alleged confession during a police interrogation session. “The devil is always in the details,” observed the jailor’s lawyer, who said he poked ...

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