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Lawyer suspended for misrepresenting judge’s message (access required)

A Fairfax County lawyer who misrepresented a message from a judge’s office has been suspended for a year and a day. At a Feb. 17 hearing, the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board also found that attorney Dominick A. Pilli bungled ...

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Judge allows corporate questioning in Virginia VW cases (access required)

Despite national settlement agreements in which automaker Volkswagen agreed to repair or buy back defective diesel cars, a Virginia judge this month refused to block a deposition of a corporate official with VW’s U.S. subsidiary. Lawyers for one of 20 ...

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Lawyer gets reprimand for prosecution threats (access required)

A Leesburg lawyer has been reprimanded and placed on two years’ probation for threatening to report his litigation adversaries to government authorities. The Virginia State Bar charged Vincent M. Amberly with repeatedly using the threat of criminal or disciplinary charges ...

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Bill to protect jury information survives (access required)

A bill to restrict the release of information about jurors in criminal cases squeaked through the Virginia Senate Monday after legislators clashed over its impact on criminal defense. The bill is intended to close the door on a convict’s ability ...

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Law firm, client both sanctioned for discovery abuse (access required)


A Norfolk federal judge has approved sanctions – in an undisclosed amount – against the law firm of Cooley LLP and its client, a Virginia-based computer security company being sued for infringement. The judge ordered sanctions even though the case ...

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