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Guidance for fending off real estate fraud (access required)

A brief review of news stories related to mortgage fraud and real estate fraud shows there’s no shortage of schemes being uncovered and pursued. It’s not surprising. There are likely two main reasons for fraud schemes related to real estate ...

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Time-based billing (access required)

A recent survey completed by William G. Ross, professor at the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University, is ruffling some feathers. Ross has a special interest in billing ethics, and has done two previous surveys of this sort. In ...

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Expense report abuse: Much ado about nothing? (access required)

The dreaded expense reports. Employees hate preparing them. Companies hate reviewing them. They seem to be painful for everyone involved, yet companies can’t get away from them all together. You’re asking yourself why this might be an important topic. Expense ...

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The eyes have it: Seeing the signs of fraud (access required)

Would you recognize the clues that your client has been ripped off by one of its employees? Or would management conduct business as usual, blindly trusting their employees? Companies make the mistake of not actively searching for fraud. They tend ...

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