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Jury out nine minutes in Chesterfield car wreck case – Defense Verdict (access required)

This accident occurred on Labor Day weekend in 2014 at the intersec­tion of White Pine and Belmont Roads in Chesterfield County. Damage to both vehicles was severe and both parties left the scene by ambulance. According to the defendant and ...

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Man developed flesh-eating disease in tooth – $3,743,671.23 Verdict (access required)

On July 27, 2010, plaintiff called defendant’s office due to pain he had been experiencing for approximately two weeks from a badly decayed tooth (#31, a lower right 2nd molar). A different dentist had advised plaintiff 18 months prior that ...

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Wrongful death settlement may be record for Amherst County – $1,900,000 Settlement (access required)

Dennis Cash ran a family garage and wrecker service from Madison Heights. On Feb. 27, 2012, a gravel truck overturned on State Route 130 on Snowden Mountain, completely blocking one lane and partially blocking another of the twisting mountain road. ...

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Carrier reverses denial of ERISA benefits during appeal – $947,394 Settlement (Administrative Appeal) (access required)

The claimant was a network planner/installer who was injured in a surfing accident in August 2014 when he fractured one of his cervical vertebrae. He then developed chronic, debilitating pain. He applied for disability benefits through his employer’s ERISA governed ...

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Lawyer: Here’s how to answer DIY legal (access required)

Dear Editor: In reference to your article, “Bar confronts do-it-yourself legal products,” in the March 7 issue: The only lawyers who should feel that the massive rise of the Do-it-Yourself legal (DIYLegal) industry is a true threat to the profession ...

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