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Amateur race car driver crashed vehicle at public speedway event – $3,000,000 Settlement (access required)

Defendant Victory Lane operates Langley Speedway. On Oct. 2, 2011, Langley Speedway was held open to the public for various activities, including an activity in which members of the public could pay money to enjoy the experience of driving a ...

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Patient had full mouth restoration re-done due to jaw pain – Defense Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff, an Atlanta resident, has a genetic condition called Ameliogenesis Imperfecta, which is a malformation of her tooth enamel. She also had bruxism (teeth grinding). Because of her AI and teeth grinding, she needed to have a full mouth restoration ...

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Plaintiff suffered debilitating knee pain after front-end collision – $420,819 Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff was a 66-year-old woman who was employed as the Region Ten Community Services Board program coordinator for the Albemarle-Charlottesville Family Treatment Court. She and her husband were injured in a high-impact, front-end collision on Route 3 (Plank Road) west ...

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Bicyclist was struck by motorist in dedicated bike path – $700,000 Settlement (access required)

The plaintiff was injured in a motor vehicle/bicycle collision in Virginia Beach. The collision occurred when the defendant driver failed to maintain proper lookout, speed and control of his vehicle as he was exiting a parking lot to enter the ...

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ER patient did not reveal combination of drugs that led to overdose – Defense Verdict (access required)

The plaintiffs alleged that their son, who presented to the emergency department after taking an overdose of Dextromethorphan, received improper treatment. The defendants argued that the son deliberately, with the intent to commit suicide, withheld from providers in the ED ...

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VSB Disciplinary Actions (access required)

On Nov. 24, the Virginia State Bar Fifth District Section I subcommittee issued a public reprimand to Intak Lee of Fairfax for violating professional rules that govern competence, conflict of interest: general rule, and safekeeping property. This discipline was an ...

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