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Wills & Trusts (access required)

Gifts Causa Mortis Although decedent gave defendant, his lover of 20 years, three checks over a period of two days before he died, the court concludes that these checks were not valid gifts causa mortis under Virginia law because delivery ...

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Insurance – Uninsured Motorist – Summary Judgement (access required)

Where plaintiff passenger was injured in an auto accident, and obtained a $30,000 judgment against a driver, who had a liability policy with GEICO, while plaintiff was covered by an Aetna policy which included uninsured motorist coverage of $300,000, and ...

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Criminal – Exculpatory Evidence – Carjacking – Victim's Statement (access required)

Although the commonwealth did not disclose to defendant prior to trial the carjacking victim’s statement to an officer at the crime scene that the victim could not state with certainty that defendant had a gun in his hand when he ...

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Tort/Negligence – Auto Accident – Jury Verdict – Inadequacy Of Award – New Trial Denied (access required)

Where plaintiff originally was injured on the job in 1979, in an accident which ultimately required back surgery and which was covered by workers’ compensation benefits, and plaintiff later was involved in an automobile accident after which he had additional ...

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Domestic Relations – Adoption – Visitation Rights – Maternal Aunts (access required)

Where the seven-year old boy’s natural father placed him with his paternal aunt and her husband after the boy’s mother died, and after the father died one year later, the paternal aunt and her husband petitioned to adopt the boy, ...

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