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Victory comes with a sting

Sometimes you win your case, but not without a few barbs aimed at your client. Such was the case with a man who hoped to return to work at a Dollar General warehouse in South Boston. He tried to apply, ...

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Court crafts warning for witnesses

When federal prosecutors tried to get an edge with potential witnesses in a criminal case, a public defender cried foul and asked the court for more time to undo the damage. Alexandria U.S. District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee not only ...

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Criminal law, and a dog named Guinness

Here’s something you don’t see all too often – a “dangerous dog” case. That’s a proceeding under Virginia Code § 3.2-6540, in which the commonwealth seeks to have a dog declared dangerous if it attacked or bit someone. If adjudicated, ...

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Retooling Virginia Code gender terms (access required)

Bakers who make wedding cakes for same-sex couples may find it easy to adapt by using two brides or two grooms to top a cake. Legislative drafters who are confronting a Virginia Code rife with gender-specific references may not discover ...

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Straight from the headlines

It’s been a busy, busy week with people committing news right and left… Not smarter than the average bear The Las Vegas Sun website published a breaking news alert from the Associated Press last week: “New York Yankees Hall of ...

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Baby boomer lawyers: Watch your backs (access required)

Watch your backs, baby-boomer law firm leaders: Competing for client business may require you to give way to a new generation of leaders in law firms. Client companies are bringing younger talent into management positions, but those younger managers appear ...

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