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If U got a tkt, U have a lawyer (access required)

We’ve had stories about service by LinkedIn and Facebook in Alexandria federal court. Last month we reported in Hearsay about a D.C. judge who allowed service by text. What’s the next text frontier, you ask? Lawyer ads by text. Two ...

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An apparatus to check your status (access required)

Lawyers accustomed to tracking their time are dealing with a whole new level of scrutiny. Reports surfaced recently that a major law firm plans to begin asking firm personnel to report the location and “status” of attorneys via icons on ...

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Long time, no sue

They must be cleaning out the back of the file cabinets at the Virginia attorney general’s office. The state recently brought suit against two hapless drivers in Suffolk General District Court for guardrail damage from accidents that took place a ...

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Hack attack sets back clerk work (access required)

When China-based hackers pierced the cyber security barriers at the University of Virginia in June, hardly anyone noticed. The intruders reportedly targeted only two U.Va. employees whose work was connected with China, the university later disclosed. The school kept the ...

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From old to ‘ancient’ at 20 (access required)

If you have ever stood before a jury and unfurled an antique-looking scroll, you may have cited the “ancient documents” rule as you moved its admission into evidence. And if you are looking for chance to make that grand gesture, ...

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You’ve been served

Today’s technology offers a creative lawyer new ways to track down a civil defendant who’s evading service of process. Service by email and even by social media have been given the OK by a number of courts across the nation. ...

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Six words used here on purpose (access required)

So you want to do social media marketing for yourself or your law practice, and you don’t know how long you should make your tweets, posts, blog items or headlines. Not to worry. Amanda Walgrove, lead writer at contently.com, a ...

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