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Letters to the Editor

Testimony in DUI Case Supplemented (access required)

Dear Editor: I am writing in response to an article entitled “Conflicting Testimony on DUI Practice Nets Acquittal” published in the March 1, 2004 issue of Virginia Lawyers Weekly. I would like to add that in my testimony concerning repeated ...

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Interpretations Are Welcome (access required)

Dear Editor: I recently received the following directive from a client. He instructed me to squash an emotional discovery because the witness had a scrunge on him and because the witness had violated the judge’s no shacking order. My interpretation ...

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Court-Appointed Work Should Count As Pro Bono (access required)

Dear Editor: Virginia’s criminal defense bar by now should know better than to hope for the General Assembly to significantly increase the court-appointed fee schedule (“New Report Faults State’s Indigent Defense,” Feb. 9, 2004). What remains inexplicable is the Virginia ...

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Judges shouldn't be immune from criticsm (access required)

Dear Editor: The May 26 edition contained a story on the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys (“Criminal defense group blasts judge in Norfolk“) and its criticism of Norfolk Circuit Court Judge Charles D. Griffith Jr. It prompted several observations. ...

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