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Letter to the Editor (access required)

Dear Editor: Your account of the legislature’s failure to reappoint two Southwest Virginia judges (VLW, Feb. 4, 2002) left me with my annual sense of foreboding as we confront what has become an increasingly overt threat to the independence of ...

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Letters To The Editor (access required)

Synthetic stucco maker to respond to critics Dear Editor: I just received a copy of the article titled, “Consumers Clamor to Sue Synthetic-Stucco Makers” [VLW, 12/3/01]. The article is yet another example of the misinformation being circulated by certain members ...

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Letter To The Editor (access required)

New Law On Liens In Divorce May Hurt Families Dear Editor: Effective July 1, 2001, an amendment to an existing Virginia law involving attorneys’ fees has been expanded to the possible detriment of children and families. This expansion allows attorneys ...

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