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E-filing market open with new app (access required)

VA Supreme court

After years of delay and planning, a Virginia Supreme Court-designed electronic filing system is finally rolling out this month, as other courts cautiously dip toes in the water by using private vendors to provide the interface between the courthouse and ...

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Bringing ‘mind-mapping’ into the courtroom (access required)

mind map

Toss the term “mind-mapping” into conversation and you’ll likely draw sideways glances. It sounds like something that would happen aboard alien space craft, and, in raw form, it looks like the doodles of a bored college student. But consumer protection ...

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Stephenson joins VLW

A veteran lawyer-journalist has joined the editorial team at Virginia Lawyers Weekly. Correy E. Stephenson is the new Associate Editor at VLW. Stephenson earned her law degree from Northeastern University law school in 2003, after receiving her undergraduate degree from ...

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The Falls Church stays with Epsicopal Diocese, court rules

The Episcopal Church is the rightful owner of a historic church formerly occupied by a congregation that abandoned the denomination over the consecration of an openly gay bishop and other differences, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled Thursday. The justices unanimously ...

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Law school employment data pushes U.Va. to #1 (access required)

UVa Rotunda

Virginia law students have something else to brag about. After learning last week that the state’s bar exam is one of the toughest in the nation, University of Virginia law grads also can take pride in the value of their ...

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Lawsuit demands Trump return Albemarle land

(AP) A former Virginia socialite’s son who sold the sprawling front yard of his family’s 45-room mansion to the Donald Trump real estate empire says he’s been cheated and wants the land back. The John W. Kluge Jr. Trust has ...

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