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Tech check: Not all blogs are created equal (access required)

Blogging Laptop FEA

When done right, a blog can be a living, detailed entity that rep­resents you to the world. When done wrong, a blog can be a chore, an unwelcome expense that produces little return on your effort, or even an ethical ...

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The new interview (access required)

Job Interview FEA

If you’ve been going on job interviews lately, you might have noticed they’re becoming longer and more involved. Businesses have learned the hard way that hiring the wrong people is extremely costly. One study by the Center for American Progress ...

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Collection agency can’t just add interest to debt (access required)

Overdue Bill FEA

Three former tenants of an An­nandale apartment complex can sue a collection agency for a Fair Debt Act violation after the agency sought to add interest to their alleged bal­ance due, an Alexandria federal judge has ruled. The three plaintiffs ...

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The pros and cons of technology in the travel industry (access required)

Travel Agent Family FEA

Bigger, stronger, faster. You may remember the television show “The Six Million Dollar Man”? Think how much technology has changed. Take a trip down memory lane. Do you remember dial-up Internet? The advances in mobile devices are staggering. There are ...

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Software licensing and your law firm (access required)

Software Apps Tablet iPad FEA

How many software licenses does your firm have? Let’s start with the easy ones: Microsoft Windows for the PC-based computers in your organization, and iOS for the Apple products you own. Then we add the ap­plications, like Microsoft Word and ...

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Clarifying the issues of chip-enabled credit cards (access required)

Credit Card Chip FEA

As most people who either accept or use credit cards may have no­ticed, a major overhaul is occur­ring. EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) credit cards have been introduced in the U.S. to thwart credit card fraud. The switch has left ...

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