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Norfolk's Edmonds Resigns, Blasts Colleagues (access required)

By Christopher Gatewood, Assistant Editor A Norfolk Circuit judge who resigned during a Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission investigation says he did not step down because of the investigation, but because the circuit’s eight other judges were against him. Luther ...

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The Debate Over UPL #183: PRO (access required)

Editor’s Note: The following two pages feature a selection of comments received by the Virginia State Bar on Unauthorized Practice of Law Opinion #183, which declares that real estate closings are the practice of law. The “pro” comments favor approval ...

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The Debat Over UPL # 183: CON (access required)

…Upon occasion, I work with relocation companies in the course of their selling properties. In these instances I function under a power of attorney on behalf of sellers at the actual closing. Many of these closings have been conducted by ...

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VSB Disciplinary Action (access required)

The Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board will hold a public hearing to consider the petition of Stanley W. Preston Jr. to have his license to practice law in Virginia reinstated. The hearing will be held on Dec. 20 at the ...

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Rigsby slams UPL 183 (access required)

The Virginia State Bar UPL opinion that would declare a real estate closing to be the practice of law has run into an unexpected opponent: The VSB’s head lawyer, Bar Counsel Michael L. Rigsby. An attempt by the bar to ...

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Juror can be struck for wealth (access required)

A black rape defendant can strike a prominent white business executive from a jury because his lawyer thought the businessman could not “relate to a person of the defendant’s standing,” the Virginia Court of Appeals has ruled. The defense lawyer’s ...

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