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New limits on Bowman used fast (access required)

The Supreme Court’s curtailment of the controversial Bowman public-policy exception earlier this month has given one employer a quick victory in a sexual-harassment case. A Martinsville Circuit judge ruled Jan. 18 that a secretary cannot sue her employer, a music ...

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VSB dues won't drop this year (access required)

Virginia lawyers will have to wait a little longer for lower bar dues. The General Assembly apparently will not impose a dues cut on the Virginia State Bar this year. The Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission recommended several legislative ...

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Juries give more time than judges (access required)

When a criminal-defense lawyer meets with a client behind bars to discuss strategy, an important topic is whether to seek a bench trial or whether to roll the dice with a jury. That decision often will hinge on certain facts ...

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Deal's failure not due to legal malpractice (access required)

The Virginia Supreme Court has reversed a legal malpractice judgment because the client, a purchaser of commercial real estate, did not prove that his lawyer’s failure to negotiate two critical provisions in the sales contract caused the client’s losses. The ...

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House lost over timing of divorce (access required)

A wife whose divorce came through five months after she filed for bankruptcy cannot protect her house from her creditors, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled. Although the home was held as a tenancy-by-the-entirety when the wife ...

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NOVA Law (access required)

A mentally disabled man who was taunted about sexual matters and was physically assaulted by male co-workers cannot sue under Title VII, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled. A hostile-environment claim cannot lie for same-sex harassment between ...

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