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News in Brief for June 26, 1995 (access required)

A new bright line in unemployment comp? An angry employee is called on the carpet by a company vice-president for refusing a superior’s order to do a task. Both parties start cursing. The worker gets exasperated and says she just ...

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Legal aid fears dip in IOLTA (access required)

Attorneys with IOLTA accounts need to decide whether to opt out or stay in the program when it reverts to voluntary status this week. Legal aid supporters are waiting to see how many accounts will leave the program and how ...

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Review Granted (access required)

Review Granted provides a brief synopsis of recent cases in which the Virginia Supreme Court has granted petitions for appeal. This feature appears in the last issue of Virginia Lawyers Weekly each month. The information provided comes from the successful ...

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Guide to New Statutes (access required)

Administrative Annual reports from agencies. Places a two-year moratorium on the general publication and distribution of annual reports of any agency receiving any funds from the state budget. However, the bill does not prohibit any such agency from making information ...

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…Admissions now riskier (access required)

In another issue of first impression in the Melton case, the court held that when a party files an admission, then amends it, the original admission is still admissible as substantive evidence. This ruling could cut back on the use ...

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